FAQs brings you Rediffmail Pro, business email that's reliable and fast. It adds the professional touch to your business with features such as:

5 email IDs
Your Rediffmail Pro account comes with 5 email IDs.

Allocate these email IDs to your employees. For example, or or to different departments in your company. For example, and

1 GB storage
You get 200 MB of storage per email address, more than you get from free email services. This ensures that you don't miss out on important incoming mails like business proposals.

POP3 access
Get your Rediffmail Pro mails on Outlook Express, Netscape or Eudora.

Pull other mails
You can also make Rediffmail Pro your primary account and pull your other mails from POP accounts like VSNL. Send and reply to all your mails from Rediffmail Pro account alone. You can also import your address books from other email accounts into your Rediffmail Pro account.

Transfer the total storage of 1 GB among the 5 mail IDs as you like, any time you want. Add IDs, mail storage as you grow. There is no limit. Add in multiples of 5 IDs / 200 MB.

Rediffmail Pro can be used both by small businesses as well as large companies with hundreds or thousands of employees.

Anywhere web access
Rediffmail Pro mails can be accessed even when you are away from your office.

10 MB attachments
Send large PowerPoint presentations, images or any other files along with your mails.

F-Secure Virus protection
To protect your computer, a facility to scan all attachments, when uploaded or downloaded using webmail.

Business-class address book
Store up to 2500 addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

100% advertising-free
Unlike free mail, the Rediffmail Pro Inbox does not contain promotional messages. And there are no advertising tag lines on your outgoing mails. Every outgoing mail from a Rediffmail Pro account projects the right professional image.

Send SMS (India & US)
Rediffmail Pro is SMS-enabled. You can send SMS to mobile phones in India or the US directly from your computer and what's more at a price lower than from mobile phone.

This is the cheapest way to contact associates in the US, and is available only through Rediffmail services.

Note: To send SMS, you will need to first buy a package of at least 100 SMS (not included in the price of the Rediffmail Pro account)

Enter your desired e-mail address:

mailbox name
(e.g. ajay)
domain name
(e.g. fabexports)

   • 5 email IDs
   • 1 GB storage
   • POP3 access
   • Pull other mails
   • Flexible
   • Anywhere web access
   • 10 MB attachments
   • F-Secure Virus protection
   • Business-class address book
   • 100% advertising-free
   • Send SMS (India & US)

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