We are happy to announce the new look of RediffMail PRO!

The clutter free design allows for easy navigation and special emphasis has been given to provide a rich user experience both on the PC and the mobile.

A look at some of the features-

  A classical minimalist interface
An interface which is easy on the eyes and gives a consistent experience across both the PC and the Mobile
  Auto suggest email IDs
While writing mail you don't have to remember the email IDs of your contacts, Rediffmail PRO automatically suggests you the matching IDs of contacts you've sent mails to.
  Attach multiple files effortlessly
Select files one after the other and queue them for upload. While the files get attached you can continue writing your mail.
  Quick delete option
Simply click on the cross (x) icon to the right of the mail you want to delete. You can also select mail and press "Delete" button on your keyboard. You can retrieve the deleted mail from the trash folder.
  Download all attachments at once
With a single click you can choose to download all the attachments you've received in a mail.
  Inbox updates itself automatically
New mails are pulled automatically and shown in your web mailbox, avoiding the need to refresh the page periodically.
Search through mail in all your folders.
  Write mail in different languages
A rich editor with support for multilingual text and spell checker.
  Access your mail through SMS
Get SMS mail alerts, read, compose and even reply to mail via SMS.
  Consolidate all your email IDs at one place
You can choose to pull the mails sent to your other email accounts like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail in your Rediffmail PRO Inbox. You will also be able to send mails using those IDs.